Jane is a Nurse she is a working class now middle class by education, citizen of the UK, able bodied, age 53, Anglo Saxon, heterosexual, cis, female based in Clacton, UK


The axis of oppression that I am currently most mindful of are around employment, age, being female and where I come from.

November 2020

Off Shore Wind Farm

West Beach, Clacton


This is my first ever blog (if that’s what this is called!) That’s a bit scary. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing but I’m giving it a go. The photos represent something of what I expect to be writing about, but I’ll go with it and see where we go. Join me on this journey if you fancy, it’ll be about living and dying.

Living in a tent? November 2.5C 2020

Why is this acceptable in 2020 in the UK? Loss of home (in my case employment)

Treasured possessions, all that was left after a flee from domestic abuse

What if this was all you had in the whole world? Loss of life as was

All they had were sandwiches

My Privilege includes having enough to eat and being able to choose what I have and when.

Do you have enough to eat? Do you have the means to prepare your food? Did you have access to education, including being taught about Nutrition? Loss of access to regular food

In the Morning

Contact The School of St Jude fighting poverty through education https://www.schoolofstjude.org/

Some Christian friends of mine went to Tanzania to celebrate their 50th birthdays, they invited me along to Nurse them but I was too much of a wuss to go! (and family commitments

Clacton is my home town. It was my parents home town and theirs parents before that. The church we got married in was the one my parents got married in and the one my grandparents got married in. I would imagine that would be quite unusual these days in a lot of places. Sadly our town is no longer one of prosperity like it once was. Maybe it never was, maybe that’s the rose tinted glasses that come with reminiscence it was however very different. I suspect you may, dear reader have a very different impression of our town. So this blog might be a bit of looking back but it’ll be about looking forward too but mostly it’ll be in the present and what that present means.